August 3, 2022

About the KotE Method

Our Yoga School is founded on these Three Pillars: Sadhana, Satsang, and Sangha. We believe everything starts with practice, practice, practice. The nervous system learns by repetition. We are what we do repeatedly; all great achievements and the human beings behind them have this in common. Sadhana, the Sanskrit word for spiritual practice that literally means “the way of attainment” is the first of the Three Pillars. Thus, the “Method” that we use to create real transformation and lasting change in this world is quite simple – practice! Of course, there is a very important question that arises – “what do we practice?” A combination of ancient spiritual science & lineage blended with modern research, our trainings and immersions are opportunities to understand not only the “what” by the “why” and the “how”.


The second pillar is in service to the first. Satsang, which means “company of truth”, is the teaching that spontaneously arises when people who share the intention of seeking truth gather together to overcome limitations, to grow, and to transform spiritually. Often used to describe spiritual discourse, satsang can refer to any conversation that helps the practitioner align with higher values and orient themselves in a positive direction in life. These life-enriching discussions are important to understand the what, why and how of the mechanics of spiritual transformation. At Keepers of the Earth, satsang can look like reading or telling inspiring stories, studying scripture & sacred texts together, singing songs or chanting mantras which have a contemplative meaning, or having discussions around practice, technique, or results.

These two pillars of Sadhana and Satsang are properly enlivened and enriched through our third and final pillar – Sangha. Sanskrit for “inspiring company”, this word was made popular by the Buddha, who emphasized sangha as one of the most important elements of an individual’s spiritual path. Becoming more true and real requires that we let go of that which is holding us back. This can be a scary process. It is important that we have the best conditions possible to help us on this journey of becoming more natural, more authentic and in deeper alignment with the Earth. The blossoming of human consciousness is much like a seed that needs just the right amount of attention, water, sunlight, and other key ingredients to support the fruition of said seed. Sangha is key to this process.

At Keepers of the Earth, we feel like the people we surround ourselves with are the soil in which our seed is planted. The soil – the people – are the “inspiring company”. The soil is the sangha: the community into which we can root ourselves and grow to become all that we are capable of becoming. Sadhana is the water and nutrients which nourish the seed through daily watering. Satsang is the sunlight: the incredible life-giving essence of wisdom and inspiration which is so necessary for the seed to strive for and break through the crusts of darkness. Without any one of these key ingredients – the Three Pillars of KotE – the seed never reaches its full potential of bearing fruit. And, as we know, the fruit does not exist for its own sake…. It exists solely to pass on the seed for future generations.

This is the KotE Method: a combination of these Three Pillars, leading our practitioners to grow and transform into spiritual leaders, teachers, & embodied influencers in their respective fields of community and service.