Creating a culture of integrity, safety and value for our students


Our intention is that each practitioner and student of Keepers of the Earth will walk away with the most comprehensive training possible in the short amount of time that we get to spend together. To ensure that integrity is held throughout our program, we offer to you some things to consider.

First of all, we invite you to consider that while three weeks of living a yogic lifestyle in the jungle of Costa Rica may seem like a dream come true, it will certainly have its challenges. In order to grow and transform spiritually, we must confront our edges.
We have structured our program and spent a considerable amount of time into creating the most powerful, impactful and transformative experience for all who attend. These statements, policies and agreements are meant to maintain integrity, honesty, safety, and above all a sense of trust in our training and amongst all participants and staff.

During the application process, there is a box the Terms of Agreement on the application form. When you decide to apply, by checking this box in the form, you are affirming that you have read, understood, and agreed to accept our established standards. Some of these are KotE’s own unique policies, and some come from the standards set in place by Yoga Alliance, the certifying body of our Yoga School. Please read & consider the following:

Terms of Agreement

Clear Intention and Aspiration

I commit to maintaining my authentic connection to the intention and inspiration which has led me to enroll in this training in the first place. I will hold this aspiration in my heart from the beginning of the application process, during the training itself, and beyond the completion of the training.

Personal Responsibility

I am fully aware of my choices throughout the application process and the training itself. I take personal responsibility for all that arises. What this means, practically, is that I accept that there are deadlines, materials to review, and commitments to follow through on. I will do my best to adhere to a standard of excellence throughout my application process and during the training.


I know that timeliness and punctuality are very important components to successful and effective systems. If the Sun chose not to rise on certain days sporadically, or to rise “when it felt like it”, the Earth would be in serious trouble! As such, I vow to be “like to Sun” with my punctuality. I understand that doing so means that I can be counted on. My word becomes reliable and it is important to me that people know they can trust this.


Due to the nature of the work that we do, there will be a certain level of purity during our program. This “purity” is not a religious concept – it has to do with the health of the body, mind, and energy. In order to maintain this purity, we ask that you refrain from certain substances and follow a yoga-friendly diet during the program. Adherence to these rules leading up and following the program will be helpful but not mandatory. More specific information as to what this entails is included in the application process and acceptance letter. I accept that purity and purification of my mind, body, and spirit are an important part of my learning, development and growth process.

Openness and Discernment

We are not rigid or dogmatic in our philosophies, but we do follow methods which are designed as structures to guide us through the transformational process. Therefore, as a student of the KotE YTT, I accept all tools that can help me with my awakening process. I know that the tool is not to blame for how it is used, so I will do my best to learn how to master the tools and use them with wisdom and discernment. I will not pressure anyone with my opinions in much the same way as I would not argue with someone over whether or not a screw or a nail is better.

Course Policies

Anti-Harassment Policy
Anti-Retaliation Policy
Attendance Policy
Code of Conduct
Grievance Policy
Tuition and Refund Policy