Founded by
Grant T. Ifflander

KotE fulfills the need for an organization which revives ancient wisdom and supports others who aspire to be torchbearers of these sacred knowledge systems.


As Keepers of the Earth, we are here to create more harmony on our planet.

We are pillars of light in our community.

We are reviving sacred wisdom and are embodiments of the Natural Law that upholds our cosmos.

Through studying and practicing the spiritual sciences of Yoga and other Mystical Arts, we become living examples of excellence, truth, and well-being which inspires others to look beyond the surface and find a better way to live and be in our world.

We are doing this through teacher trainings, immersions, and a growing community (sangha).

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A School of Yoga &
Mystical Arts…

Our Story….
Founded by Grant T. Ifflander, KotE fulfills the need for an organization & community which is formed by individuals determined to activate their ancient power and become authentic leaders in their community through dedicated practice and embodiment.

Coming from a background in mortgage and sales, Grant left his high-paying career in 2014 to pursue the life of a mystic. He saw that the world was in dire need of help, but didn’t know exactly how to “help”. Over the years he has dedicated all of his time and energy to understanding exactly what “helping the planet” would look like. What Grant has realized in his personal spiritual research is that consciousness is his best answer to this question.

Thus, several key projects over the years were birthed out of this intention – the intention to shift human consciousness; to truly help by training people in ancient knowledge systems designed to help humans awaken and leave the planet a better place than they found it.

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Culminating in
Keepers of the Earth….
A mission
A vision
A community
A calling
A path

Our mission

To bring the many different channels together into the one unified stream of heart wisdom to awaken each individual to a timeless, intuitive Knowing — a Knowing that arises from deep within the Earth and belongs to All beings.

Our Vision

To establish a network across the world of sincere and dedicated practitioners (Keepers of the Earth) determined to keep the fires of sacred wisdom burning in their hearts and at the center of their communities.


“The Way of Attainment”. Everything begins with practice. We are what we do repeatedly. Therefore, as Keepers of the Earth, we uphold a higher standard of living and being in the world as exemplified through the practices which we embody in our daily lives.


“Company of Truth” this Sanskrit word comes from the roots sat = truth & sangha = inspiring company. We surround ourselves with inspiration and strive to do so for others. This means becoming more aware of what information we are taking in and what information we are giving out.


“Inspiring Company”. Our final pillar and the very bedrock of our growth as individuals is our community. We know that we thrive when we are surrounded by people that inspire us. Thus, we strive to BE that inspiration for others while also surrounding ourselves with others who inspire us in return.

“What do you mean by magic and mysticism?”

Everything we do and all that we see is, by default, a miracle of creation. The magical and mystical truth is that we are creators! We all possess the profound ability to affect change at the scale of the cosmos. However, this ability to change and to be harmonious co-creators with Reality has become a lost art; many human beings are mis-using their creative powers and gifts.

At Keepers of the Earth, we want to change how we view and align with this creative power. We want to restore the balance in all that we do and awaken people to the sacredness of life. Therefore, we are reviving and renewing our innate and intuitive connection to mysticism and magic through Yoga and yogic spiritual science.

“Why do this?”

We believe that once an individual understands the actual mechanics of spirituality and transformation, they begin to naturally gravitate towards actions, behaviors and lifestyles that are in alignment with life. Their creative power is no longer used to self-satisfy but instead is used to serve and help the Whole. The result? Human beings who are bringing magic everywhere they go and in everything they do, living out their fullest potential, and taking care of the ground beneath their feet where they step.

We are becoming “Keepers of the Earth”: leaders embodied in our craft, sharing the teachings of our ancestors with authenticity, reverence and respect, and devoted to bringing more beauty & magic to our Earth.

“Who’s it for?”

People who attend our trainings or immersions are tired of the way Yoga has become commercialized or turned into a commodity in the Western world. They are interested in something real, raw, authentic… and magical. Earth Keepers are ready to grow; self-initiated individuals who are determined to make a difference in the world – starting with themselves and their own inner work. These people are dedicated to our Earth and all that is sacred. They are connected to their own heart and to the heartbeat of the planet. They are humble and yet proud; strong and yet receptive; focused and yet relaxed; powerful and yet gentle; ready to defend and yet defenseless. Keepers of the Earth are normal people, just like yourself, who see life as a great mystery and want to live it out in the best possible way. Normal people… living absolutely extraordinary lives.

Become a “Keeper of the Earth” now by applying for our upcoming Teacher Training Course.


This 200 Hour YTT is accredited through Yoga Alliance, certifying you to teach yoga via the KotE Method: a unique blend of traditional Hatha Yoga, the classical teachings of the Yoga Sutras, the heart-warming and devotional attitudes of Bhakti Yoga, and the sublime worldview & philosophies of Tantra.

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