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Where will the 200 Hour YTT for Keepers of the Earth be held?

In order to cultivate the best environment for optimal growth, transformation and development, we put a lot of energy towards the decision of where we will host our students. We are fortunate and excited to announce that this year’s upcoming program (2024) will be held at a very private and pristine venue hidden in the Chirripo mountains of Costa Rica.

Chirripo, pronounced Chi-ree-poe, means “land of eternal waters” in the native indigenous language of the Cabacar people, some of few remaining 1st Nations people of Costa Rica. 

Surrounded by nature on all sides, nestled within the Chirripo mountain range, we will find ourselves in an extremely tranquil environment for optimized yogic activity. 

As we know, nature plays a huge role in our healing and awakening process. Our ancient ancestors would deliver their spiritual teachings at the base of trees, next to flowing rivers, and in other natural environments.

Cosmic Law and Sacred Wisdom are embedded within everything in our natural world. Returning to the Earth and returning to the alignment of Nature can be as simple as spending time in these original systems. When we add practices and philosophies meant to support us in our alignment such as Yoga, our healing & growth processes are accelerated.

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Please note: For the exact location of the Spring 2025 training, please inquire.