Your Invitation

You feel like there is more to “Yoga” than just asana

You feel like there is more to life than just living

And you are ready to become a force of nature

You Have been called…



We want you to make the best possible decision on your path, and choosing to become a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher is not a small choice to make. This has the potential to be one of the most important & impactful steps on your journey as an authentic spiritual practitioner. Whether you aspire to teach yoga in studios, on retreats, or just want to advance as a practitioner, our training programs are designed to give each person an in-depth understanding into the truly transformative power of Yoga. Therefore, the intention of this page “YOUR INVITATION” is to brief you on what a Teacher Training experience with us is all about. This will ensure that the right people attend each training. If you are feeling the call, then we extend our formal invitation to you, and welcome you on your journey with us. 

Analysis will show us that anything worth having requires “work”. As such, any spiritual path worth walking will have many obstacles in place that are meant to challenge our sincerity, our willingness, and our determination. These obstacles are designed to deter those who are not ready. Awakening is not for the faint of heart. Our goal with each and every training with KotE is to create a safe container for each person’s personal spiritual exploration. We will provide you with the tools, techniques and environment needed to transform yourself. If you value the spiritual ideals of integrity, harmony, balance, causeless joy, compassion, and generosity… then our trainings will demand this from you, by giving you the opportunity to practice & realize them inside of yourself. Through honoring the great tradition of Yoga and the methodologies passed down to us through our lineages, we get to practice embodying these qualities together. We create the container… it remains up to you to do the “work.” 

To preserve Sacred Wisdom is not a duty but a privilege.

Therefore, before you consider applying for a program with us, we encourage that you check-in with your heart’s desire to attend.

Ask yourself these questions:

“Am I ready to sincerely engage with the path and spiritual science of Yoga?”

“… am I ready to be transformed?”

If your answer feels like “NO”, then there will be other programs that are more suitable for you. A KotE immersion is not a Yoga vacation. We gather to practice and realize the truths proposed by this path.

If your answer feels like “YES,” then congratulations: you have crossed the first threshold towards a more empowered position on the path as a yogi.

We only want to encourage applications from individuals who are truly dedicated to the path of awakening. Therefore, enrollment in our program(s) demands full responsibility and ownership towards the requirements which further reflect one’s level of commitment and spiritual maturity.

Due to our intention to offer both high-caliber and high-value training program(s), AND to attract the right individuals into our programs, we have created a comprehensive selection process to give you the clarity you need on your decision making process to ensure that training with Keepers of the Earth is right for you.

We are grateful to create a standard for our teachers that we feel reflects the necessary qualities and competencies of someone who wishes to become a spiritual leader in their community. We see that these criteria will help us filter students to find the right match for our programs. We also see that this will help graduates from our program uphold a higher standard of work in their respective fields.  Please take a moment to review the following information:

You are ready…

Once you have made a comprehensive evaluation for your decision, if you decide you would like to proceed with the application, your form can be submitted below.

Remember: being a “Keeper of the Earth”, as we like to say, does not just mean getting a piece of paper and a certification to “teach Yoga”…

It means being devoted to preserving the Natural Law that maintains harmony across our cosmos.

It means having integrity on the path – walking the walk.

It means taking care of our Earth and all of Her inhabitants.

It means, above all else, striving to be the best possible version of ourselves at all times.

To open ourselves to life….

If you want to leave your corner of the Earth a little better than you found it, then our training may be right for you.

If you are ready to step into your fullest potential, then the KotE 200 YTT may be right for you.

Please apply for our next upcoming training below.