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“Renegade yogis”

3 month Mentorship for Yoga Teachers

Online Container held by Grant



“Renegade Yogis” is an online Yoga Teacher Mentorship is for yogis who are over the box that the western world has put Yoga into and are ready to bring their full power through this practice and into all of their offerings, into their embodiment and how they walk the path.

Grant Ifflander

Learn how to build, support & growth with a Sangha that you love: how to fill up classes, retreats and trainings, how to structure and lead profound transformational experiences, all while also integrating the ancient teachings into your life and business. Done with joy and lots of prana, the right way!

It has been a true honour to have Grant as a teacher . He is one of the most engaging transporters of information I have ever met. Breaking down these ancient texts, in such a way that you are able to digest and embody the wisdom. His light hearted temperament and attention to detail allows for a beautiful experience. I have really enjoyed Grant’s online offerings and I am about to start the third course with him! I feel as though I have found a teacher I trust. Grant also has such wonderful musical offerings, get yourself to a kirtan if you can. It will be one to remember! 


KotE Student

What’s Included

This program is available to anyone who has a willingness to learn, grow, and integrate yoga into their community with more potency, more power and more integrity. 

As a group, we meet once per week via Zoom for two hours on Monday for a LIVE lecture, practice and discussion facilitated by Grant.

You will also receive:

  • 12 Virtual Sessions beginning TBD ending TBD
  • Access to TWO complete online course recordings facilitated by Grant via Zoom for your own inspiration and workshopping ($300)
  • Private access to the Keepers of the Earth Mentorship WhatsApp group where there is on-going engagement with Grant, support, coaching and teachings
  • TWO private 90 minute coaching sessions with Grant
  • A library of pre-recorded and virtual content to support your personal practices
  • A “Business of Yoga” presentation on integrity, ethics, how to make money doing what you love in a good way
  • An accountability buddy to keep you on track
  • Full on support with goal management and achieving your results
  • And more juicy surprises…!

As a result of this training & mentorship, you will:

⭐️  Learn the ins and the outs of MONEY and “spiritual entrepreneurship” to unlock an abundance mindset and sell-out your offerings with joy and integrity 

⭐️ Learn how to create a sustainable system and community that supports you. 

⭐️  Stop chasing “gigs” and start creating offerings that you (and your community!) LOVE!

⭐️  Turn your skill as a yoga teacher into a multi-dimensional offering

⭐️  Professional skills and behind-the-scenes look at building an international yoga business and two yoga schools

⭐️  Engage in a tried-and-true structure for deepening your daily sadhana, which will overflow into all areas of your life

⭐️  Connect with peers around the world who want the same as you and are rooting for your success (sangha)

⭐️  No longer feel like an impostor but rather someone who can really stand in the tradition of Yoga with respect, integrity and authenticity.

    Integrate an even deeper Yoga path to become healthier, happier, and more successful as a Teacher

    You will emerge from the 12 weeks of this mentorship & training feeling refreshed, invigorated, inspired, and ready to TAKE ACTION on what matters most to you.

    Not only will you receive 12 livestream sessions with Grant, which include workshopping different structures for success in your life, relationships and business, but you will receive the follow bonuses:  

    • BONUS #1: TWO complementary 1×1 coaching sessions with Grant — the FIRST to workshop your personal sadhana and the SECOND to workshop your business plan ($600 value)

    • BONUS #2: Access to three different virtual courses done by Grant in 2022 to use as inspiration, support in personal practice, and for “reverse engineering” to understand how to run virtual experiences. ($1200 value)
    • BONUS #3: Access to the recordings of our 12 live sessions FOR LIFE to use, reference, and rely upon for your continual progression. ($1200 value)
    • BONUS #4: 24/7 access to Grant via WhatsApp during the duration of the program to pose personal questions and inquiries (PRICELESS)
    • BONUS #5: Access to a virtual community via Facebook, Instagram and a WhatsApp group (PRICELESS)

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      Testimonials from previous students

      Without a doubt the shift has been transformational… the fact that I’ve been able to be completely different than I ever thought I could be. To create time and space to create an authentic voice inside myself instead of being pulled in different directions… [working with Grant] has definitely exceeded my expectations. 

      Ruby S.

      Online Mentorship, UK

      The level of practical knowledge that Grant’s courses impart is incredible, direct learning of key fundamentals that can be applied to deepen and improve your practices the same day!

      Shared with an easy-going, caring wisdom that only comes from a deep respect and curiosity of the very material Grant is himself working with, these courses are so easy, so light and yet so profound in their nature that I have no hesitation in recommending Grants courses to anyone looking to make progress with both their daily practice and with themselves.


      Retreat Guest & Online Student, UK

      I met Grant online and did a few Zoom courses about kriya yoga and in particular the double breath kriya. It’s been a little over a year of practice and I can say that it has been moving a lot of Karma and energy. In fact it helped me identify a lot of karmic mechanisms. Some moments have been wonderful, others difficult, but I kept practicing daily and stick to it. Grant helped me remember my connection, my faith in god and prayer. He is a great teacher and for me not being a yogi this approach is fresh and straightforward. I warmly recommend courses with Grant, be sure you will learn a lot about sadhana, kriya yoga and also yourself.


      Online Student, Switzerland

      I don’t think I will ever be the same person… in a good way.


      Retreat Guest

      Meet Grant

      Grant has been living yoga when he started making sadhana a priority in his daily life in 2014, and has been involved in coaching and leadership since 2009.  He created his first yoga school, Bridge the Gap Yoga, in Chandler, AZ back in 2017 after traveling the world and meeting his teacher and mentor Steve Harrison of the Yoga Sanctuary, UK. 

      Grant began officially mentoring people in 2010 and more seriously in 2012 as part of his job in sales leadership. In 2015 he put everything on the table by quitting a career job in corporate sales and deciding to pursue yoga full-time. Shortly after leaving this stable income he was traveling to Costa Rica to become certified as a yoga teacher, and shortly after that he was in India where he met Steve.

      Since the inception of Bridge the Gap Yoga in 2017 and more recently Keepers of the Earth in 2022, Grant has grown his business and brand to reach a wider audience while maintaining an authentic core message and integrity with the teachings of the yogic tradition.

      He has led sold-out retreats worldwide in places like Costa Rica, Mexico and the UK, presented in festivals such as Univibe and Resonate Fest in Arizona and Manafest in Costa Rica, facilitated transformational group experiences in all of these places including Germany & Poland, and has built a successful online business while traveling the world doing what he loves. 

      Grant’s mission, in addition to keeping the traditions alive and preserving Sacred Wisdom, is to empower people to step into leading from the heart and become a true force of Nature in their communities. 


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