A School of Yoga and Mystical Arts dedicated to the cultivation and preservation of Natural Law and Sacred Wisdom.

“Drawing from authentic lineages dating into the past to a timeless age, KotE was established for one core purpose: put people back in touch with their true essence and therefore restore balance and harmony to the cosmos.” 

Grant Ifflander

Founder and Lead Trainer

… founded to help answer these three main questions:

• What does it mean to be a good human being?

• What actions must I take to leave this world a better place?

• How can I live in alignment with Nature?

What we do…

We provide higher education through immersions & teacher trainings which initiate people into the deeply transformative and life-enhancing teachings of traditional Hatha Yoga, the Classical Yoga of Patanjali, and Tantra.

Our programs & teachers are approved & registered via Yoga Alliance, so KotE graduates become accredited through the largest standardizing association of Yoga in the world and can go on to teach in schools, classrooms, and studios all across the globe.


These practices & teachings have really changed my life and given me strength, direction and purpose to do all that I am meant to be doing.


The best word I can use to describe the transformative process I’ve been through with these teachings is ‘magical’


Deeply rooted wisdom that lands right in the Heart. I love the casual  approach while diving deep and delivering teachings that expand my life.


Authentic Teachings

Experience Yoga as it was designed…

Yoga is a spiritual science dating back thousands of years, designed to completely transform the practitioner. At Keepers of the Earth, our teachings are based on scriptural study and modern research to help us understand the mechanics of real spiritual transformation. Beyond simply “posture training” and flexibility, we are working with the very fabric of our being.

Our trainings and immersions are a chance to reconnect to the essence of Yoga and the authentic teachings that emerge from this ancient wisdom tradition.

HEART-BASED Methodology

Find your center and engage with the world from this place

Do you feel like many of the spiritual systems that you’ve observed or studied have something in common? At KotE, we feel that there is a common thread amongst most, if not all, forms of spirituality. We believe that they all boil down to the Heart, the very center and essence of our being. It is the seat of our intuition, our inner knowing of what is right and wrong and how we should live our lives.

We want to ignite the heart-center and fuel it with our practices and teachings until it becomes a blazing inferno, from which we get to share our authentic light with the world.


Connect to the guiding and harmonious forces of the cosmos

Behind all spirituality, and beyond all reason, intellect & logic is the natural order of the cosmos. Everything that exists is following a particular pattern. You and I are a part of this Great Pattern. Our ancient ancestors knew this. We call it the “Universe” for a reason – there is ONE song: the Uni-Verse. All that we do is meant to help us come into resonance with and harmony with the greater environment.

We believe in practicing and living in such a way that our entire life becomes like a well-tuned instrument of this divine orchestra.

200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Costa Rica


Upcoming Dates:
February 2024


About Grant, founder of KotE

About Grant, founder of KotE

As people discover Keepers of the Earth, or come across Grant and his work, it feels important to share details and background around who Grant is and how he came to be here. This intention of this blog post is to offer information that will assist the decision making...

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Ritual: The Four Steps of a Transformational Journey

Ritual: The Four Steps of a Transformational Journey

Rites of passage have been around for a very long time. While little is known about our earliest ancestors, based on what we have preserved from indigenous wisdom cultures early humans practiced, performed & engaged in various rituals and rites of passage. It is...

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“a Superior Way of Living”…?

“a Superior Way of Living”…?

The Search The search for a superior way of life - a life filled with joy, peace, and contentment - is a search shared by all people as an intrinsic and innate motivating force. “Superior” here, in this context, means that out-dated or dysfunctional patterns of living...

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The Creation & Intention of Keepers of the Earth

The Creation & Intention of Keepers of the Earth

Hi everyone. Grant here. It's been about a month since our new website got launched and already, this year's Teacher Training Course, happening in Costa Rica, is receiving applications. I figured it would be a good time to give a little back story behind KotE and the...

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About the KotE Method

About the KotE Method

Our Yoga School is founded on these Three Pillars: Sadhana, Satsang, and Sangha. We believe everything starts with practice, practice, practice. The nervous system learns by repetition. We are what we do repeatedly; all great achievements and the human beings behind...

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Message from Grant

Message from Grant

Hi, I’m Grant Ifflander Founder of KOTE. I’ve been on the search for authentic spiritual practices and spiritual traditions for about ten years now. My search has led me all over the world - from the mountains of Mexico to the rivers of Costa Rica; from the deep...

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