August 2, 2022

Message from Grant

Hi, I’m Grant Ifflander

Founder of KOTE. I’ve been on the search for authentic spiritual practices and spiritual traditions for about ten years now. My search has led me all over the world – from the mountains of Mexico to the rivers of Costa Rica; from the deep jungles of the Peruvian Amazon to the mystical Himalayas of India; from my birthplace deserts of Arizona to my ancestral homeland of Poland.

Plant medicines, shamans, yogis, healers, mystics; masters of so many great traditions. It has been a long and, I must admit, fruitful search. A quest for authenticity. A longing to live with an awakened, open heart. Through it all, one thing has become clear and true for me. What has become clear and true is that we – and by “we” I mean us humans – are in desperate need of reconnecting to our own deeply authentic, and deeply personal spirituality. Our own individual lineage. Which means what? Do we need to all go on a global search to discover what this is? Perhaps not.

I sense that what we need is the unique and supporting combination of environment, community, and practices to help us awaken our heart and discover our true spiritual heritage – as human beings on planet earth who all share a common mission. In this awakening we will realize what is important in our lives and we will be empowered to take the steps towards fulfilling our ultimate destiny. By doing so, we become a keeper of this Earth – someone who’s very life is a representation of preserving natural law, tradition and sacred wisdom. This is my goal in life and I have created KOTE as an invitation to others who feel the same. Join me in this endeavor.