Immersion Information & Registration 

Retreat with your tribe into the jungles of Costa Rica for profound growth, transformation and healing

Voices of the Earth

6 Day/7 Night IMMERSION April 2023 in Costa Rica

$2400 SHARED | $3200 PRIVATE

Held at the acclaimed Yoga & Meditation Retreat Center known as the Sanctuary, our program fee covers ALL main expenses – 3 delicious farm-to-table Gaia Gourmet meals per day, 7 nights of luxurious eco-accommodation at the Center, and all program activities and sessions. NOT included in this fee is: transportation to/from The Sanctuary Retreat Center, staff gratuity and/or miscellaneous expenses. 

See the videos below for a Sanctuary Overview and the Gaia Gourmet meals

This Immersion is for you IF you want to:

  • Experience the Ritual Process and discuss/ study what is truly meant by “Ritual” and “Sacred Space”
  • Learn how to generate a “transformational environment” and what transformational space even means.
  • Deepen understanding the mechanics of trauma and healing)
  • Unlock an even greater & more authentic expression in your voice and leadership
  • Learn how to safely & effectively facilitate ceremonial music, ceremonial space, ritual space
  • Deepen your relationship to & understanding of Kundalini energy
  • Strengthen your relationship to the lineages and teachings which hold these processes (Hatha Yoga, Tantra, Bhakti, mythology, etc.)
  • Discover and define for yourself your own “Hero’s Journey” to create a map for where you are, where you want to go, what’s in the way, and what tools you have to help you get there.


What you will experience:

  • An environment generated by leaders, for leaders …
  • A challenging interpersonal experience meant to bring you into a clearer and cleaner relationship with your “work” so that when you go back out into the world, you walk your path with more integrity …
  • A Ritual Process meant to initiate you to greater levels of awareness
  • Bringing music, ritual, prayer, mantra to life in your sessions, classes, and events
  • Mining the well of the heart for an even more authentic expression and voice

Leave your immersion with KotE as a different person than you came in. 


“Voices of the Earth” is a carefully crafted, immersive style experience of designed for personal transformation, self-exploration, and Awakening. Immersions with KotE are designed and held in such a way that they provoke powerful growth for the practitioner’s ongoing development. These experiences are a “ritual process” or “Hero’s Journey” meant for people who understand the importance of separating from home for a period of time to focus on their spiritual development. Many who come on these retreats consider them a “pilgrimage”.

Voices of the Earth is a week-long Yoga “retreat” where practitioners are encouraged to explore the mystical dimensions of the Spirit through sound, breath, movement, ceremony and ritual. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, the container is set for your inner development to unfold. Expect the right mix of intensity and rest, laughter and sincerity, determination and relaxation. People returning home from these “retreats” report significant increases in clarity, purpose, strength, resolve, direction, and focus.


The closest airport is San Jose Airport (SJO) where you will fly in. A shuttle will be arranged for group pick up at 8 AM on April 2nd to bring you from San Jose to The Sanctuary. The same shuttle can be used to return to the airport on departure day. The cost of this shuttle is typically $60 per person, one way.

Our program begins on Sunday, April 2nd with lunch at 2:00 pm. You are encouraged to arrive to San Jose Airport (SJO) in Costa Rica on Saturday, April 1st, and take the pre-arranged group shuttle leaving from San Jose on the morning of April 2nd.

The program will end on Saturday, April 8th after breakfast and a shuttle will be arranged to take you back to SJO airport.

If you wish to stay extra time in Costa Rica before and/or after, please arrange accommodations accordingly.

Application & Payment:

Once we receive your application, we will complete any necessary reviews and interviews before sending you the onboarding forms and  payment instructions. This may include an interview call with Grant.

The following payment instructions and deadlines apply:

  • Non-refundable $700 deposit, due at the time of acceptance (applies towards overall cost)
  • Installment #1 a minimum of $600 due by February 1
  • Installment #2 a minimum of $500 due by March 1
  • Remaining balance due upon arrival at the Sanctuary on April 2

Please note:

Payments made in Full (PIF) before January 1st will receive a 10% discount off the total cost. OR, pay-in-full by March 1st and receive $100 off the total. 

A Note for New Students:

We strive to maintain a high standard in our work, and so we want to make sure you are adequately supported in your preparation before attendance. Therefore, if you are attending an immersion with Keepers of the Earth for the first time, you must book an FREE personal question and answer session and consultation with Grant. This call is an interview process through which we will help you to clarify your aspiration and intention for attendance at one of our immersions. Please submit your application below, indicate that it is your first time attending, and, upon receipt of your application, we will reach out with availability and scheduling.

Newcomers who have not sat with Grant in a previous live event may take the online course “Art of Sadhana” as a complimentary part of their registration before attending the immersion. This course will ensure that participants are sufficiently prepared for our immersion. The course covers basic concepts and understanding of practices and material that we will refine when together in person. It is highly recommended that people take advantage of this virtual material in their preparation for the Immersion.

If it is your first time with us, when you apply please indicate that it is your first time and that you’d like to receive the links for this course. The Art of Sadhana online course consists of six 75 minute videos that are a combination of practice (sadhana) and discussion (satsang) to familiarize you with the techniques, methodology, concepts and frameworks used at Keepers of the Earth and in Grant’s teachings.

Please note: Once you submit your application, we will reach out to schedule an interview. After this interview, you will receive links to access the online course

Refund Information:

Any submitted application will be seen as a “request to attend” a KotE Immersion. We will review these applications. Once any interview plus selection processes take place and the applicant is accepted, an onboarding document form with payment instructions will be sent out. Completing the onboarding and submitting the deposit indicates that the applicant is ready for attendance. The initial deposit is non-refundable, however, we understand that life events happen and at times unavoidable changes occur. For week-long Immersions, our policy on refunds due to unforeseen circumstances is to return 50% of any payments made, minus the deposit, up until the start date of the Immersion. Once the Immersion is underway, no refunds will be made for any reason. Deposits are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Questions? Book a FREE call with our team here: