September 22, 2022

“a Superior Way of Living”…?

The Search

The search for a superior way of life – a life filled with joy, peace, and contentment – is a search shared by all people as an intrinsic and innate motivating force.

“Superior” here, in this context, means that out-dated or dysfunctional patterns of living and thinking become replaced by more generous, more harmonious ways of being. 

We are not here to suffer – we are here to learn. But what are we to learn? 

What is it that all religious and spiritual paths attempts to instruct its followers to do or achieve?

Our paths may be unique – indeed, perhaps every one of us requires different input to break free of our own unique conditioning – but a common goal, if understood thoroughly & practically, may help our process be less obstructed by the cluttering of the mind.

Realization of One’s true essence – the ultimate goal of meditation – may not (necessarily) not lead to the acquisition of any material item(s) or desirable object. 

However, this path of serious self-inquiry and curiosity towards a so-called “higher way” of living may lead one to understand and appreciate the spiritual ideals and values set forth by religion. 

Furthermore, this sort of attitude or “mood” of sincere seeking is what leads one into the practical application of methods and techniques which allow for a re-patterning of the conditioned matrix that is the mind. It is through this re-patterning that these ideals may be realized, experienced and embodied for their value.

It might be said that unless and until the chemistry in own’s own body and neurobiology has shifted into a new state, it is likely that the old state will be held onto tightly and there will be difficulty in even the comprehension of any sort of “supreme way”. Our perspective is heavily influenced (if not downright created) by the chemical patterns inside of our body-mind complex. In order to see a “new” way or “higher” way, these patterns need to be re-organized. Yogic methods are designed to do exactly this — to allow the human who has enough aspiration to free themselves of their own delusion. It may be a difficult path for most, merely for the fact that it requires a perseverance and and a dogged devotion to realizing Reality above other motivations. 

This is not to say that a “supreme way” or “superior way” is unattainable, or reserved for a particular group, sect, or following of people. This sacred knowledge — which is nothing more than the experience of a supreme intelligence — allows one to relax into what is NOT merely an intellectual knowing of moral ideals and ways of living that seem, on the outside, to be “good”. No, the relaxation that is mentioned here allows one to immediately recognize the importance of upholding a “better way of life”, in that their actions, behaviors and life-style activities are all motivated to create more harmony within and all around them.

These are the legitimate and actual attainments of practitioners determined to overcome the dysfunction(s) of society. Modern living has stripped us of our intuition and dimmed the light of insight and imagination. Many people have become robots and would rather perpetuate ideals that sound good and pay lip service than do anything to actually and literally manifest these divine qualities within themselves.

Keepers of the Earth School of Yoga and Mystical Arts was established to offer methodologies which support those who are sincere and desire the growth and movement towards more harmonious ways of thinking and living. Our trainings and immersions are for people who understand the nature of “the work” that is implied in this essay. We are reviving the ancient Way that has been lost and obscured but has not disappeared. A Way of pursuing true harmony and, as the title of this blog, “a Superior” one.

This is a constant process and requires joy, enthusiasm, and involvement from all participants all of which leads to a community which values self-responsibility, self-empowerment, and self-practice. All of this leads to RESULTS.

It is our wish — now and always — to continue to refine our processes and train participants to the maximum of their capabilities so that, as we grow and expand as an organization, the true merit of progress is measurable by the harmony and efficiency felt within each individual. If we are going to become leaders in the field of “spirituality”, teaching practices of Yoga and meditation to other people on the path, we will remain, as always, dedicated practitioners to our craft. From here, and with humility, we can learn, and we can grow.

with love and prana,

Grant & KotE